Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gwen Stefani - Rad In Plaid

It's fall
It's getting cold
And darker earlier
Time to break out the Plaid!

Over the years Gwen Stefani has worn a wide variety of plaid infused outfits. I picked out a few photos that really make plaid look rad. Maybe you will find some plaid-spiration!

All photos from Justnodoubt


Fabulous Florida Mommy said...

Love Gwen and all the plaid! I've noticed tons of plaid coats out this year. Do you already have one Maggy?

Maggy said...

Hi FFM :) Glad you love the plaid too! I actually don't have a plaid coat, yet. I think it would be something fun to add to my wardrobe though. I have had the same black pea coat from Target that I got like 4 years ago. Time for an upgrade! I also want a purple coat though.

Fabulous Florida Mommy said...

Target and Kohl's both have really cute plaid coats this year and both stores always have really great sales, too. I think it was Target that has a red plaid peacoat similar to the print of the scarf Gwen is wearing in the 3rd picture...very cute!

If you end up getting one this year be sure to post pics. :)

Have a great day!