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Celebrity Engagement Rings and their Knock-offs

Tis the season for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Celebrity Engagements!

Seems like every other day a couple in the celebrity sphere is either getting engaged, married, separated and or divorced. Is marriage just becoming a publicity stunt now?
Whatever happened to to Al Green's anthem "whether time's or good or bad, happy or sad.Let's stay together" ???

Just the other day I did one of my favorite creeper things, listening in on someones conversation. The topic was marriage...and how can you base a 3 year relationship on a lifetime together? I don't know. Do you know? I was talking to one of my friends about how our parents sleep in other rooms, and I'm coming to realize that maybe this is a normal thing? I heard that Katie Holmes has a whole wing of the house just for her, and her clothes. Haha. I wouldn't mind having my own room. Especially since I'm so used to it. I grew up with just one other sibling, who is always gone so I kind of feel like an only child sometimes. I'm an introvert at heart. I spend alot of my free time alone, and even when there are others around I still feel alone, lost in my own thoughts.

So back to engagement rings, if you haven't already left me. My friend showed me what her dream ring would be and it's kinda manly, she says its sexy. The ring I like well there are two, I cut out pics from a magazine. I figure that maybe if I leave them on my desk that one day someone will catch my drift...Maybe I should just buy the damn ring for myself...Its like the price of a big screen TV!
This is the 14ct Gold & Opal ring by emily amey and if I ever were to get engaged this would be my ring! Why? I prefer gold to silver and I have always loved Opals because Diamonds are my birthstone they are overkill for me. Plus the ring is simple, and organic looking. Something I could see myself wearing and not want to take off. So maybe one of these days (years) I will get my hands on this beauty.

Oh yeah weren't we originally talking about celebrity rings? Well here is the link to all the lovely overpriced jewels! Check it out the knock-offs aren't too far off in comparison.


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