Monday, November 29, 2010

Culinary Craving's : The Cat and The Custard Cup

Ever find yourself eating out at the same places?
Bored and ready for something different?
I know I do, all the time. For some reason though I'm scared to venture out and try something new. But today I was summoned by myself to get out and go somewhere different than Olive Garden or Panera Bread. Today I was in Whittier/La Habra just driving along and I saw a sign for a restruant " The Cat and The Custard Cup" and instantly knew I had heard of this place before. I quickly did a "legal" U-turn asap. I parked in the lot and walked right up and fell in love.
First of all I was intrigued because of the whole "cat" concept, secondly there is a nicely set up courtyard, third the buildings architecture fourth the decor inside was really warm and rustic, and fifth I saw food on the menu I can afford to savor.
Butternut squash pumpkin ravioli
French onion soup
banana coconut creme pie
a glass of wine
and an Autumn Maple from the bruery
Definitely going to take a special someone here to eat one of these days, maybe after I get my bonus from work.

Dont you just love when life steers you into something tasty, new and exciting!

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