Wednesday, November 24, 2010

4 women one Jcrew inspired look

I noticed a few days ago that Dina from My Superfluities posted about her outfits inspired by old Jcrew catalogs, before they went wacko. Then I saw that Slastena from About All and Nothing At All did her take on the same look. Then today while getting dressed I thought hmm I wanna try this look out too. So here we all are in the same look. Isnt it kinda funny? It's like adult uniforms. I felt soo preppy wearing this today.
From left to right
Jcrew model, Dina, Slastena and myself, Maggy.

What do you think did we get it right? BTW the only Jcrew item Im wearing is the tank and its form like 3 years ago possibly 4. Im looking forward to another look alike outfit. Makes getting dressed easy. And since I live in CA I feel like I stand out against all of the ugg boots, hoodies and yoga pants.


dinagideon said...

You made my day with this post. I love it! All four of us look really, really good. That says a whole lot about the styling of the original catalog shot! (Give that stylist an A+!)

You look so beautiful in purple, just the right shade for your skin tone!!!

Maggy said...

Hey Dina,

Im so glad you caught this post. I was inspired by you and slastena. I seriously couldnt think of what to wear. I always wear all black for work (starbucks) but at school I seem to be wearing sweats...not cute. Thanks for inspiring me.