Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Roadkill's Spring Roll Out

I have told you about the wonderful So cal boutique Roadkill, and I will do it again, and again, and again... They have gotten bigger and better with age and every fashion season. I have yet to go inside the store to get a look for myself, however their Facebook is loaded with fun photos that have me springing toward spring. One of my favorite things about Roadkill is their one of a kind window displays. For Valentines Day the store looks sweeter than a candy shop and will make you lust for something lovely.
All those fun conversation hearts really could get you talking. I want to have a conversation with my boyfriend about getting all of the clothing and jewelry in those displays.

Roadkill really does a great job at thinking outside the box and they are green designers. Alot of the material they use for their displays in the windows and store have been refurbished and used many times in many ways.
Now onto more Spring clothing. These are items that are featured on their Facebook page.
Beautiful French blue and citron colors and patterns and texture.

Once again we see texture, swirls, organic inspiration and earthiness.

Palm springs worthy Pucci inspired top that can show off toned shoulders and tans.

This soap is perfect for your best friend Jennifer Aniston, you know why...

Oh yes and this lovely lime Green Tutti Frutti bag. It reminds me of the green woven produce bags.

Find Roadkill on Facebook HERE

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Monique said...

Love the green tutti frutti bag! I actually just bought a green handbag yesterday because I don't really have a lot of colorful ones, plus green is my favorite color.