Friday, February 26, 2010

Help me find a cute coral cardigan for spring

I need your help. Where can I find a cute coral cardigan that will go with this top?
I have the hardest time shopping for clothing when I know what I want. I have picked a few styles I like from Polyvore. I don't look good in long cardigans because I have a pear shape body. I prefer long or 3/4 sleeves and v neck.
Cute Coral Cardigan



kat said...

Whenever I am hunting for something, I turn to ShopStyle. That might give you a good lead on what you're looking for.

BTW, I love this top! Can you share?

Maggy said...

Thanks for the heads up Kat. Btw I bought this top from JCpenny. The brand is Nicole Miller.

Monique said...

Cute top, try Marshalls sometimes they have a lot of cardigans in several different colors.

Maggy said...

Monique I will def. try going to TJ maxx. Thanks for the heads up.