Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I know what girls want...for Valentines Day 2012

Valentines Day is in one week, are you ready? What do you have planned?

My man read a poll that asked couples if they preferred to go out to dinner vs staying in and cooking at home. Can you guess which was preferred? Looks like today's modern couple is busy and rarely spends together time at home so that's right ding ding ding...staying in for the night is the winner! Couples thought it was more romantic to cook a meal together rather than sit at a restaurant crowded with other couples and bitter servers.

BUT...this doesn't mean that your love still wont be expecting a present :) So along with that home cooked meal why not pick up an awesome gift from Road Less Traveled, an Eco-Urban lifestyle store in Santa Ana. (I work here so you know its awesome) I have a few items that I have featured below that would make for an awesome gift! Hope you love it and have a splendid V-day!

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Get your nerdy English major girlfriend a hot book bag! Guaranteed to make her blush.
Available at road less traveled. 

pink vintage fabric yo yo rosette flower necklace with sliver chain

Skip the flowers and go for a vintage fabric necklace, so pretty it looks like a bouquet! 
A delightful blend of fruit, nuts, caramel, chocolate and sea salt sure to sweeten your valentines day!
Available at Road Less Traveled

Flash Card Notebook  - white / red
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How many years have you been together? You did what with the tax return? Is there a budget for the wedding? These notebooks are perfect for jotting that info! 

Custom Quote Necklaces.  PERSONALIZED custom quote/ gift. Song lyric necklaces. Family Names. great VALENTINES DAY gift
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Wear your heart on a chain, not on your sleeve! And while your at it make it say something cool! 

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Look good, smell great! I own a few of these mists and candles and they are wonderful! 

Rosewood - lip embellishment in tin
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Not your usual sticky lip gloss, just enough oil to make your lips soft and supple. 

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Simple and gets the point across! Right?

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