Friday, February 17, 2012

Tenga usted un buen fin de semana

First off, let me say that I'm not fluent in Spanish, yet! 

"Tenga usted un buen fin de semana" means "have a good weekend"! Or at least I hope so, I looked it up on Google :) So speaking of the weekend and good,  I have some goodies to get your weekend started off right! 

Who doesn't like to drink? Or have a nightcap, or just and excuse to party? I know you do :) 

I have two really cool products to share with you. Your gonna loves them if you like adult beverages! 

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(above) First we got ourselves a lovely Pabst beer scented candle. As well as other flavors like cola, root beer etc. But there is something so HIPSTER about the iconic Pabst beer. How did it become a hipster staple anyway? I want to know. So anyhoo we just got these in at the shop and today they were a big hit! When people walked in they could smell it right away, and they liked it :) AWESOME! So if you know someone who is celebrating a birthday or is trying to quit soda this would be a PERFECT gift to give. 

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(above) Are these not just the cutest flasky waskies evaaaar? I helped Delilah design them just for the shop and they came out so cute! My inspiration behind the slogan is the "eat local" movement so why not start a "drink local" movement? I know for a fact that if you bring one of these to a concert or party everyone is going to ask where you got your cool ass flask! Just wait. Its gonna happen. So boost your social networking while "drinking local"! 

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