Friday, July 1, 2011

Discover your own backyard- Summer window display

Im very proud to present to you 
The Road Less Traveled Store's 
Summer 2011 window display! 

Theme: Discover your own backyard

Inspiration: Delilah's company Backyard In A Jar-handcrafted preserves from the yards and farms of Southern California. And the infamous Jam Van.

Time line:  Month of brainstorming and a few days of prepping before installation day of 5-6 hrs.

Materials: cardboard boxes from Starbucks, Bioshield paint, So-Cal Map, yarn, staples, tape, scissors, large mason jars, upcycled Claudia Pearson calendar, old construction paper and lots of creativity.

Visit us online for info on workshops and directions:

We will be closed this 4th of July weekend! See you next Wednesday during our regular hours 10am-6pm.

1 comment:

Brittany said...

I love this! It has a very hand-made quality to it that I adore! Not to mention it fits the store nicely. Would definitely be great to collaborate some time!