Thursday, May 19, 2011

As The World Falls Down

"Cue the ill fitting leggings, seductive guitar riff,  and drug induced fantasy."

After watching this film for the first time in my 2nd grade class I wanted to be Sarah and I ran around the playground waiting for the goblin king to come find me.I could only imagine what it would be like to have a boy talk to me, much less how it would be like as a sophisticated 15 year old  being seduced by a grown man in a redic cod piece while serenading me with his floating balls in which depicted my ultimate fantasies. Damn that was a run on sentence wasn't it. Oh well.

I mean whats wrong with that? 
Maybe if I was 15 like the character Sarah it would be more appropriate?  Then we would totally be able to date. Especially when my parents were gone and I was left home alone to watch my brother. Seriously who came up with this storyline? Why is it just occurring to me that this movie has some serious pedo undertones? Is it crazy that after realizing this, I still love the movie?

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