Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pierre's 8th Annual Christmas Party

Ever since I go back into the swing of things at the Gym life has seemed better.I have more energy, eat more and got to meet a really cool instructor/trainer, Pierre Pasa. I tried out his kick boxing at the Brea Community Center on a whim and I'm hooked.
I cant wait to go again, hopefully I can make it tomorrow after work and burn off some calories before Christmas food starts to make it's way onto my plate.

A few weeks ago Pierre had his 8th annual Christmas party, my first time attending. I'm so happy I was able to go. I got to meet lot's of friendly and fit people that night. I took so many shots of everyone and got in some practice with my new camera.

Here are some photo's of what went on through the night!

-There was
-A roasted Pig
-Live Dj's
-Lot's of dancing
-And toned gym rats

Photos by Maggy Slater

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