Thursday, December 9, 2010

One Last Hoorah

Today I took one last look through the lens of my sad and broken (since like May) camera. Taking photos is like breathing, I don't have to think about it really. I'm the unofficial photographer for my life I have felt lost with out a fully working camera. You see the last moment I took a photo with flash seems like light years ago. And I remember every moment of it. To cool to do the whole hand above head shot and not cool enough to keep the camera from falling over and breaking.
Sad sad sad :(
So instead of feeling like I have a pin hole shoe bow for a camera( well its like almost always blurry shots now) I will be going out and purchasing a new one tomorrow! You can expect way more photos and better quality.

Before I go I took a few last photos on my camera today with my favorite kitty models and the best backdrop for a camera with no flash, the sunshine and the great outdoors! The sun really helps out and alos the fact that the cats were standing still. Hope you love it.


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