Friday, December 10, 2010

Let's play house

Now you never have to grow up and pay for bills like rent or a mortgage. Instead you can live in one of these custom childlike playhouse homes for far less than you would in a huge ass house. But why? I guess if you lived on your own and really like having everything within 84 SQ ft of you than you're going to be ok. Me on the other hand ehh these kind of creep me out to think of having to live in 24/7. I would feel like a peter pan wannabe. However, they are really cute cause they are small like cute kittens.

Do you think you could stand to live in this house?
I think I'm too claustrophobic for it personally.


Slastena said...

The modern one is definitely calling my name. I have seen some fab prefabs for sale not much bigger than that. Oh, how'd lovely it be to own one some day and turn into yoga// office/ spa retreat for self. If I were a rich girl...Sigh..

Maggy said...

That sounds like a really great idea! I just don't think I could live in it 24/7 haha.