Thursday, February 26, 2009

FootPrints International NEEDS Your HELP

Meet Margaux Jordan owner and CEO of Footprint's International,an up and coming shoe party company based in Orange County Ca.Margaux is a wonderful business woman that's filled with passion and is open minded.I feel lucky to be able to speak with her at least once a week when I see her at work. She is someone who found her calling in life and worked hard to get where she is today. Please take a look at her site and see what she is all about.
Hello to All of You;
I hope this note finds you all well and happy.

What's more fun than giving a party? Giving a shoe party! Build a home shoe party business. Be your own boss, and at the same time, help other women become independent business owners.
Footprints International is a premier company in the home party shoe business. We carry a wide selection of ladies shoes at prices comparable to fine department stores. Learn this business in an hour.No stock to keep. Just buy a sample kit. You can earn $30-100 an hour. Want more? Build a team and earn more. You're only limited by your ambition and goals. We're operating in eleven states and are eager to expand. You're in the right place at the right time! Don't delay!
Call Footprints International at 714-997-8725 or check us out online at,
or e-mail us at


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HI I dont know what your comment was...its not showing?

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See Please Here

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I got them at a grocery store called Olivers. It's not a chain, so there aren't any in others in California.