Monday, February 22, 2016

Life Lately

Life has been pretty good lately, full of long days, fashion, spiritual stuff, and lots of inspiration.the weather changed and I instantly felt like myself
again. Ill be the first to admit it, I hate cold weather and winter in general. On the contrary I love spring with an extreme passion! It seems to be an awakening for me of sorts. I'm also going through some more things spiritually and I want to tap more into that part of my life. I've probably shared with you in person, or on my blog that I believe myself to be an empath. What is that you ask? Well basically I can feel energy and although it's a blessing, it has also been something hard to cope with my whole life. It's been a root cause for anxiety and also other things I'll get into later. 

 Yesterday I went with my boyfriend to the bookstore and picked up a few books to help me to use my power to my fullest! I! So excited I can't wait to tell you all about what I learn! 
On a lighter note, I got this dress at work for a steal and I cannot wait to wear it out! It's called the pin tuck dress, it has pleats in the front and back, super cute!

This pic is from the other day when it randomly started to rain! I love the rain on hot days, reminds me being in Florida.

This is another new outfit from work, love this skirt, so retro and flattering for us curvy girls!

Here is a plate of dinner I made last week featuring saffron chicken and risotto.

This candle is pretty amazing it's by Barr CO in the original scent. It smells like coconut and cream. So dreamy. I got it from the new boutique Brea called Blue Eyed Girl.

Posing pretty with some of my ladies from work! We were repping our sleeveless trenches that day! They're so oin trend you know! 

Having drinks and dinner with Nilu one of fav clients at work! We had a blast!

Loving this new dress from White House Black Market!!!

Loki's super happy today because he no longer has to wear a cone and he got to go to the dog park today!

Earlier today I checked out Uptown Cheapskate in Fullerton! Had fun trying on shoes while making $24 selling my old clothes that don't fit since I lost weight!! 

So that's life lately!