Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Halloween Costume 2010

black swan

Im begining to realize the best part of Halloween for me is the never ending hunt for the perfect DIY costume! This year Im dressing up as The Black Swan from the new Natalie Portman film coming out this December. Pretty much everything I bought was on clearance, from a thrift store or the 99 cent store.
Fore example:
The very first item I bought was the feather tube dress on clearance from Forever 21 for $19.00
Second I went to the 99cent store and bought a Tiara and black gloves with silver claws glued on for $2.00
Third I bought pleather pink bow tie booties from JC penny for $4.95
Fourth went to Buffalo exchange and picked up a feather boa as well as feather lashes for $13.00
Fifth I bought white leggings and makeup from Target for $6.99

Pretty much everything I bought can be used again for other outfits and costumes as well.

What are you dressing up as this year?

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