Friday, August 28, 2009

Getting Toplofty with Trina Turk, Palm Springs

One may think that trekking to the outskirts of the desert is only for those who love dirt bikes and camping, guess again! I was so excited to go to the desert, you can walk aimlessly up and down the main road of Palm Springs. It is even better when you act as if you have all the time and money in the world, as well as a personal ac blowing on your back.
To make matters even better there is a Trina Turk located on the main road in Palm Springs and I had a chance to use my fake money and buy the whole entire collection. No not really, but if I could I just might do so.
Trina Turks store is all style and substance, unlike the women who were working that day. I will not go into too much detail about the customer service, for there was none. Haha it was as if I needed a reservation or some special VIP pass to be inside, that's how haughty these sales women acted towards us.

When life gives you a fitting room, you try everything on, and that is what we did for about 45 mins or so. I tried on this here dress which was very nice but the colors were not my favorite combo. Brown and Yellow is a bit too soulfully rich for me. I prefer purple and greens.
My sister brought out her inner Bruno for all to see if they wanted to see it or not it was happening. She really liked this jumper, and it was actually pretty cute on her. Maybe she can find herself a girlfriend out here to be her sugar Mama.
This is the risque fitting room that has a crack for those who want to take a peep show.
Once again Sugar mama would come in handy for this bathing suit.

When it comes to my sister expect the unexpected...

This is a style I love wearing even though it makes me look way bigger than Iam.

I saw this book in the Trina Turk home store, but my mom bought it online. Cant wait to see it, I most Cuban things. I did have a Cuban birthday party ya know.

Thanks for the Summer fun Trina!

Great Job on the Interior Design Kelly, it really evokes the spirit of the clothing and the customer base.

Until we meet again

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