Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Around Town & Decorating

Some summer days are best spent doing a whole lot of nothing & some decorating on the side. During the dog days of summer I spend time with my mom since she has a whole month and a half off...perks of being a teacher! So on a typical day Loki and I headed over to my moms house to run errands & eat lunch etc. 

A stop at the iconic fountain outside the Placentia Library was in order. I remember this day was too hot to bear being outside...but it was a pretty day nonetheless. By the way, did you know that the Placentia Library has a reading hour for kids that includes therapy dogs? I wanna GO!

Loki is always happy to be along for the ride! This little boy makes life so much more interesting. 

After running around the town we drove by these really cute trailer homes that had super cute yards. Since you know we're in a drought here in SoCal we all have no yards...just dirt and succulents. This yard was super cute and inspirational for my mom to show my dad,who in her opinion has no design style...lol poor dad. We still
love you!!

After perusing around town we headed back home to start working on rearranging furniture and making the back room habitable for our house guests all the way from Australia! My mom pulled out a great book called Sun Country Style and we got to working. The books a few years old but it's full of bohemian vintage inspiration for decorating the home. I posted a few pics below for you to see for yourself.

After we were done I took a few pics of our progress, here is the bench seat, bay window that we decorated with throw pillows and a native American blanket from a cute store in Claremont called the Grove vintage.

Alright now, I have to get gping, I hope you enjoyed what I had to share today! Peace xoxo

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