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The Eternal Suffering

Getting the urge to blog 45 mins before you have to work. And looking like a bum, hot mess crazy person. I think right now it's more important that I blog than I get ready. Because my job can wait. They have made me wait...made me feel like a mouse running after a piece of cheese.
  So there you go! 

But after hearing this song, I feel like I can conquer the world! I can do whatever I want. I got that urge of voicing my opinions onto social media..will someone be listening? Who knows? I just think it's healthier to vent here rather than do drugs and or become an alcoholic.  
The other thing driving me crazy is the SADS! I tried to swear it off last year by keeping myself busy at night. But it has proven to come haunt me again. That early setting sun...with its painfully long nights.  Alright I'm off to work. Wishing this post was a bit more appealing, but its not. Get over it :)