Thursday, February 21, 2013

You Need To Visualize

   They say you need to visualize what it is that you want in life. Well, here it is. I want to work for Anthropologie. I have for a while, and for the past few years been working on building my portfolio and style as a visual merchandiser and display artist for small business. I feel that it is time for me to become a part of something big, something that is part of the big picture. Become a member of a tight knit creative world where perfectionism is a godsend, and quirkiness is encouraged. So when I applied last week, I knew in my heart that this was where I wanted to be and that the hard work I have done will pay off. But you can still wish me luck on landing an interview for their open position :) 

   The second part of of getting where you want to be in life is immersing yourself in it. So this past week I went to 4 different Anthropologie stores. I went to look at and indulge in their displays, merchandise, vibe, and overall vibes. What I loved most is that though each store had a similar theme, you could see the uniqueness of each crafted display. I visited the stores in South Coast Plaza, Fashion Island, Pasadena and The Grove.

     The third part of this process is to ask questions. So upon arriving to one of the locations I asked about a question I had in regards to applying online. And the following day I received an email from a manager. I instantly felt that this was working in my favor. I'm a believer in the secret. And the law of attraction. So I'm going to keep doing the three parts of this process, and I encourage you to do so too! 

The following photos were taken at Anthropologie South Coast Plaza. I couldn't resist taking photos of the work that the visuals team had put together. What an amazing job. I want it all. Including the job! 

Front and side entrances featured an abstract reptile design.  Those blue hues are breathtaking.

The front entrance of the store is so effortlessly cool. Layers of textiles and home accessories.

Intimates in bright hues of salmon and neon pink caught my eye. 

Double sided  painted bag for those days when you want a bold or basic look.

Luxurious bedding, pillows and hand towels. Hard to pick just one fav. 

Gorgeous clothing featuring sequins, exotic prints and cobalt, magenta and yellow.  

An enticing view upon entering, we have spring embroidered, dyed, scents, and a floral backdrop. Everything you need to bring you right into a spring Sunday afternoon.

All photos by Maggy Slater
Taken at Anthropologie South Coast Plaza

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The Tote Trove said...

What an inspiring post! I love to hear about people following their creative dreams and sincerely wish you luck with Anthropologie, as well as with every other endeavor in which "quirkiness is encouraged."