Monday, September 13, 2010

Embassy Suites Brea, Ca

Yesterday my mother and I stopped by the Brea Mall for to stock up on some essentials form Sephora and Bath and Body Works. We usually park under the Embassy Suites because it has lots of parking and its close to the mall. In all the years of going to the Brea Mall and parking in
this lot we have never seen what the Hotel looked like inside. I have always been curious as to
what the Tut's bar looked like inside so we ventured in and took a look.
I thought this sign was pretty funny looking, don't you think?

We thought oh what the heck lets walk around and take an impromtu tour of The Embassy suites...When we spotted on of those glass elevators we had to go in it just for the fun experience.
Up we went to the 7th floor of the hotel.
On our way to the pool we came across some very cool mosaic artwork.
Here is thee lovely pool area, doesnt it look nice for being right next to a mall?

And even better the spa area...aaahhhh
Here is the foyer entryway to the hotel, I just loved he cat statues.
This cat statue reminds me way to much of my cat Momo, same eyes and muscular body.

Although I have never stayed at The Embassy Suites in Brea I would recommend it, it has a pretty good rating on trip adviser. I really like the funky Egyptian theme they have going on and the pool is really nice and the open courtyard in the middle is unique looking.
Have you ever stayed here?

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