Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A room to hold me

Do you think that a room can evoke the spirit of a living person and truly reflect the personality of a living person? I think it is possible if you know who you are and are willing to be vulnerable to the idea of others seeing you for who you truly are. Your bedroom or office is a reflection of a you, your lifestyle and personality.

Jewelry is art

Everything means something to me

Favorite Los Angeles Magazine Issue featuring Mexican Design

A collage to remind me of friends and good memories of the past when I'm having bad day.

My desk on a good day

Many Interior design books and photos

Big Klimt fan

A poem about my black cats in the shape of a black cat
- (saw this in Instyle thought I would try it)
1. Favorite Accesory? Earrings
2. What do you wear when you're down? Hats
3. When you're feeling pretty? hair down
4. When its raining? peacoat
5. What do you sleep in? t shirts
6. Favorite Designer? Jcrew
7. Handbag? comfortable
8. Jeans? Express
9. Worst fashion moment? Jr high
10. Moms style? 70's prep.
11. Your California style? Whatever
12. Your travel style? cool
13. Three places you'd rather be right now? boyfriend, Island , cloud.
14. Your hair? awkward
15. Favorite thing? choose
16. Celebrity crush? Johnny Depp
17. Favorite color? Lime-green
18.Drink? Beer
19. Food? chicken
20. Your dream/goal? Interior Designer
21. Your dream last night? dont remember didnt get enough sleep
22. Your fear? Pandemic
23. Where do you want to be in 10 years? time
24. On your wish list? Secret
25. Your Tv? DOLLHOUSE
26. Your computer? slow
27. Your life? rollercoaster
28. Your mood? yawn
29. Last time you cried? sleeping
30. Last time you laughed? tonight

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