Sunday, May 2, 2010

Skyline Drive, Fullerton, CA homes at sunset

While I was leaving class the other evening the sunset was so beautiful so I decided to take the long way home to enjoy the view. I drove through the lovely Skyline Drive in Fullerton California to get these shots. I live in the area so its pretty standard to drive through here. But tonight everything and every house had a wonderful glow to it. Take a look at the wonderful homes in the hills of Fullerton Below.
A fun baby blue and bright white Colonial style home with Greek pediment as well as pillars and french windows.
Like I said the sunset...
The view facing the Beach as well as south Orange County.
A simple Southwestern design: Pillars, clay tile roof.
Mediterranean style home with a variety of windows and a clay tile roof, and window coverings to block the sun from the west.
A really long and narrow thanks.
A fun 60's Cottage in Mustard Yellow with a really nice and unique Garage door with lat ice windows.
Yet another Mediterranean home.

A wonderful way to disguise your garage.

Fun Mediterranean Look with a turret.

Mediterranean, south west and Spanish design incorporated within this home.

A southwestern Villa with a Spanish archway and dark wood gate and pillars.

Elegant Mediterranean home with archways and staircase really add volume.

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Anonymous said...

Sigh, I would love to live in one of these houses, even the ivy coated garage looks great!