Friday, March 11, 2016

Forever 21 Fit Finds

It's crazy what happens when you lose actually want to go shopping and of all places forever 21.


Because the clothes actually fit me now. Maybe they have changed their designers or it could be my hips are smaller but I was loving these looks I tried on!

I loved this workout top because it has a loose fit and has an open back for those crazy intricate sports bras that are so in right now! I actually picked out a small! I already work I to the gym this week and it was perfect. 

This hoodie made me think of the 90s and that's why I love it. Plus it's soft, can't wait to wear this one out!

This top was one of my favs, I wore it the other day to go walk Loki at the park with my friend! It has a mesh opening over the shoulders so it's great when the weather is sunny but not too hot or cold. 

Yeah it seems like all I was buying was sportswear, but I found this cute tank dress that's kinda sporty but sexy at the same time! 

Love what I found this time at forever 21 woohoo

OK guys! Hope you have a great weekend, I'm heading off to work now and hopefully my coffee kicks in soon! 

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