Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Design Becomes Her

     So long Summer and sleeping in, I have traded you for sleepless project filled days and nights. All in due time the senseless will make sense. Analyzing, cutting, pasting, drawing, coloring, shading, deciding, doubting, touching, feeling, describing, misleading, understanding. 

     What the hell am I talking about? We'll this is just how I feel right now. I have changed my approach to school and have decided to make it work for me. I have been on the fence about my major for a few months now. I wasn't sure if I was really wanting to do what I really wanted to do for so long. You know, the typical doubts and fears that you get when things seem to be taking longer than planned or when other things around you seem to be more appealing than what you are so involved with. 

     After doing some research and soul searching I decided to major in Textile Design. Why? I love fashion and I love Interior Design. While in high school I was constantly told I would be a great fashion designer. I instead decided right out of high school that I wanted to be an Interior Designer, because one of my mentors was one. 

     I remember going to class that first semester and feeling very glamorous and dressing up for classes and feeling very enthusiastic about interior design. Somewhere down the line I had a change of heart and immediately stopped and began taking fashion design classes. I was doing really well and had fun all at the same time. I made pajamas, t shirts, skirts, went on field trips to L.A.'s fashion district. I thought I had found my calling. A few months later I had my heartbroken and stopped going to class. What a stupid reason to stop perusing what I thought was my dream. I still have my half completed dress that I was very excited about designing. I made it with a Valentines date in mind. I couldn't bare to finish the dress because of its psychological meaning. 

     A few years later I went back to class. I started out by taking only general ed classes to ease my way in. It was nice not knowing anyone. I was anonymous, but soon I would be back with my peers. Would they remember me? Would anyone still be in the program? Sure enough there were many familiar faces, and for the next year I would be working alongside them. Everything seemed to be going ok except some of my instructors seemed unapproachable. On a whim I decided to take on semester off and try out a new school for a different perspective. It was the best thing I could have done at that point. I got an amazing opportunity to intern and I got a better grasp on math and drafting, two things that I struggle with. 

     After my semester away I did some thinking...about what I really enjoy and love. Yes I love interior design yes I love Fashion Merchandising how I can I mix both and get a degree? Textiles and clothing degree and a certificate in Interior Merchandising. I'm very interested in window display artistry, installation art, visual merchandising. 

Don't give up on your dreams, find a different way to get them to become a reality. 

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