Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hawaiian Drama

Book me a flight to Hawaii because this dress is begging to get lei'd.

Yes I really did just say that, sorry for offending anyone but I'm so excited over this dress. I was at the Fullerton Mercantile flea market ad I saw this colorful dress in a sea of dark dreary rack of vintage clothes. I'm drawn to color like a vampire to blood so I had to check this dress out and see what the deal was.

Upon a closer look I knew this dress had to be mine so I walked over a mile to the closest ATM machine, I know its not that far, but it was hella hot today so a mile seemed like 4. Did I just say hella? Haha I never say that word but really today was the first really hot day in Socal.
I made my purchase and immediately started to think hmm where am I going to wear such a unique dress?
This is what I came up with
Palm Springs Dinner
My other crazy thought was I will save this dress for my wedding day!
ok enough day dreaming already...
Dont you just love when you find a piece of clothing that you know is going to be special.
The pattern is really unique, colorful & bold.
I think Trina Turk would be proud of my purchase!

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FabulousFloridaMommy said...

You look so pretty in your dress Maggy! Congrats on your great find! :)