Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Z Boutique Stuart Florida

On my Annual summer trip to Florida I found a one of a kind shop
"Z Boutique"
at Confusion Corner in Stuart, Florida. It wasnt there last summer so I thought I should take a look and see what they had to offer. When I walked in it was bright, open, vibrant and non judgemental. I took a look around and saw some unique Vignettes take a look below.

This Manequin makes the dress just float freely and the wall color and the mural make that nuetral dress look so sensual.

Very one or should I say two of a kind dressing room that is super cool.

This purple dresser made me want to go home and paint mine the same color. Its just the perfect shade that I prefer.

I thought that the chair in that citrus yellow was really woking in this space. It brings out the yellow in the dress hanging next to it.

Eclectic mix going on here with the earings. I like the holder/display for the jewlery.

The open doors of the Armoire make you wanna jump right in and try everything on. Btw the speaker on the bottom right was so cool it had paper mache on it!