Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How I met Trina Turk

As some of you may know I'm in love with the fashion designer Trina Turk, well not her per say, her designs I should say. A few weeks ago I got to meet her at a meet and greet at her Fashion Island Boutique in Newport Beach, Ca. To say I was nervous would be an understatement, I was going crazy, this is like something you cross off on a bucket list right? To be a design student and able to talk to one of your favorite designers is one of those things that doesn't happen every day.

My only intention upon arriving to this event at her boutique was to talk to Trina face to face and not look like a fool. I know I can get starstruck, one time my sister I went to a Angelina Jolie movie premiere and my sister shook her hand and I screamed. This kind of behavior was not allowed from me at the meet and greet. I have been working on my professional image, haha.

I actually got to talk to Trina for a few minutes, she came up to me and humbly introduced herself, as did I. I told her I'm an interior design student and that I blog for fun. She and I talked about lighting design and how important it is to have good lighting in retail spaces(so true). We talked about Kelly Wearstler and how she designed the boutiques and her Palm Spring's and Los Angeles Boutiques. Trina was so humble and talkative, which so hard to find in the fashion & home design industry. The world needs more designers like Trina, that give back to communities and are down to earth and host meet and greets with adoring clients and design students.
When I arrived at Fashion Island the place was desolate and it was only 7pm. Where were all of the people? I thought to myself...hmm maybe they are all visiting Trina Turk right now just like I'am? As a walked towards the store my excitement was felt though out and my sister was getting a bit embarrassed and didn't want to go inside the store with me. This is not unusual behavior for her, she is one of those people who we will call a flake. I know plenty of people who would have taken her place to go with me.
I walked inside the store and right away I was greeted by the uber-friendly staff that offered a glass of champagne, sure this would calm my nerves.
The store looked to be ready for summer, as Iam.
All of the little vignettes were carefully displayed to give off a lavish pool party lifestyle.
My cherry red dress even matched one of the closet displays.
Towards the back of the store were two display shelves with the hot side and the cool side. This is the hot side showing off lovely pink and coral colored pillows from Trina's home collection. The plush pool towels and bright tropical punch colored bikini's subtly hinting its swim wear season.
This here is the cool colored shelving display. The blues, greens and brown all made me feel like I was on an Island in Greece. There were so many decadent sandals that made your feet cry out for a pedicure.
This is Trina's beaded Teardrop necklace, very vintage inspired and goes well with Trina's Bonita dress.

I have not seen these rings before, but I like the glass ice cube ring in the center.
This is the Amethyst faceted gem ring, would be perfect on index finger while sipping on some red wine.
This model had such a cute outfit on I had to share it with you.

My sister warmed up to thought of looking at cool clothing and having fun. She came in and browsed with me. This is the Bonita dress, we both want one.
The display next to the fitting rooms is so art deco. I loved the fishscale detailing on the sconce table.

Here is a closer look of all of the wonderful Spring and Summer sandals that are on sale at the Trina Turk boutiques.

And the moment of truth, after trying on the Crazy Botanical print dress I asked the sales associate if I could get a pic. with Trina. So here we are, I was so happy she took a photo with me, made my day!
So after my starstruck moment I tried on some more dresses. This is the Foliage Dress. I like it, but I think I need to work out a bit more on my legs before I purchase it.
One of the girls working the event suggested I try on the Biscayne dress. I liked it, the jersey knit fabric made it so comfortable.

This couch was right by the front of the store and if I had my way I would own all of the pillows and the couch.
Here is a close up of the glass and wood wall decor, its really cool and makes the store look bigger.
So that was my night. I had so much fun, thanks to everyone who made this event possible and thank you Trina for being such a great host!


sarah, flourish design + style said...

Lucky you! So fabulous, and the jersey dress - looked gorgeous on you! xx

Paige said...

This is so awesome, way to be bold! I gave you an award on my blog, I hope you'll check it out :)

Maggy said...

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for becoming a follower of Deco Aurora, very cool I love meeting new people. If I get a chance I would love to purchase the dress!

Maggy said...

Hi Paige,

Thanks for becoming a follwoer of my blog and giving me an award, very sweet of you. I had an art class with your mom, she talks very highly of you, keep up the creative work.

Slastena said...

Totally jealous! What a fabulous outing, sounds {and looks} like tons of fun. That's going to be a lasting memory. I am trying to think who I'd be as excited to meet. Hmmm, probably, Coco Chanel and it's a bit late for that.