Saturday, October 12, 2013


     Well well...where do I start? Where do I begin? I'm alive and well and I have been gone but not forgotten about my blog and my readers! In all honesty, my computer wouldn't let me type on my own blog! That's crazy talk huh...well I think its time I get a new computer to match all of the other new things in my life! I guess since I haven't been blogging in a while I have all these creative juices flowing in my mind, not to mention stories and pictures of my adventures over the last 6 months. Lucky me it's fall, the perfect time to cozy up to a keypad and a blanket :) So get ready to start seeing me in your feed! Can't wait! 


20 things you may not know about in me 
in honor of not blogging for 6 months straight! 

1. I didn't start cooking till I was 29
2. I worked at Starbucks for 8 years
3. I started my blog 7 years ago
4. I'm engaged
5. I hate seafood
6. Almost all of my furniture antique
7. I dream of flying 3/4 of the time
8. I have an online vintage store
9. I love Chopin Vodka
10. I take 100 pics and think only 1 looks ok
11. I have never been outside of the US for more than 30 mins
12. I'm often told I'm the nicest person
13. I thrive on procrastination
14. When I was a kid I thought a hidden camera saw everything I did
15. I was teased daily in Jr High/HS because I liked rainbows
16. I did window displays for Roadkill Ranch & Road Less Traveled
17. I know how to make dye from  plants and flowers
18. I still wear boots that are from goodwill that I bought 11 years ago
19. I love Latin culture but Can't seem to learn Spanish
20. I don't own a Vacum cleaner

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