Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Crows & Crowns

Love all of the elements of this window display.

    I wanted to share some pics of the window display I worked on this past October at Roadkill Ranch. I absolutely adore this part of my job so much. One day Julie and I were working at the store and we found a stamp that had a crow and a very majestic diamond  pattern around it. That's it! That will be one of our potential themes for the Fall Window display we thought to ourselves. 

   So we brought the idea to our creative meeting and a few weeks later our idea became something! Crows, crowns, glitter, gold, silver, creepy books, and bones. I totally love the vibe from this display. Great job Julie, Barb & Heidi. Im glad to be a part of the team. 


Shiny, golden, silver and black.

Crows, crowns & rib cages.

Spooky necklaces and sparkly bags.

Spikes, gold lame, and bullets.

Dressed to kill.

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