Monday, August 20, 2012

We're Booked

Write Your...
      Working for RoadKill has been a dream come true! The latest window we did for the store revolved around books...we brainstormed and came up with tons of ideas and narrowed it down to two main themes for each window style. On the boutique side we have "Write your own story" and on the ranch side "Mod Library". Take a look at all of the little details and clever ways we incorporated the books into our displays! Great job everybody!

Own story

You wouldn't believe how many people have asked to buy that typewriter.

The books added great dimension and height. 

Book pages covering the walls, so whimsical. 

A side view of the ranch window display. 

Take a closer look with this magnifying pendant necklace. 

Don't mind me...
I'm so proud of how this window came together from start to finish so quickly and looks just so lovely! 

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