Saturday, June 9, 2012

Glimpse of the eclipse & Jacarandas

I feel lucky to have caught a glimpse of the solar eclipse, even if it was through a camera lens. 
I was at the whole Foods in Tustin when I heard one of the associates say "Don't look it will burn your eyes!" That's when I proceeded to the parking lot and leaned against my car while looking at the eclipse through my camera lens aka LCD screen haha.

 The light of the sky seemed different since it was partially covered by the moon. Kind of an eerie look. 

Later that day I drove on home and passed this beautiful Jacaranda tree in Orange. I couldn't resist getting out and taking a few pics. 

This is pretty much what my afternoon looked like for a few moments. Jacarandas and a Solar Eclipse! Check out my turquoise knot vest, got it super cheap at a store at the beach...and my leather sandals were a hand me down, love em even if the toe is broken :( How do I fix that? 

You can find streets lined with Jacarandas in Fullerton,  CA on Jacaranda Place and Brookdale Place.

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izumi said...

Those jacarandas are so beautiful! That color <3