Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fullerton Farmers Market

If you live near Fullerton CA you have got to go to their Farmers Market! It is the best! It is the best as in it is held in the afternoon/evening and has a beer garden :) Now you know what I'm talking about! 
I went on the night of my birthday with my loved ones and had so much fun eating enchiladas, having a beer, walking around and having a latte before going out dancing later that night. 

Take a look at what its like at the Fullerton Farmers Market! 
 The sunlight.
 People watching. 
 Bright flowers.

 Affordable too.

 Cute trinkets. 
 Happy patrons.
 Lovely lanterns.

 Bright cacti.
Beer Garden entrance.

Each week I attend there are more and more eager folks ready to ring in the weekend. This farmers market is held on a Thursday in Fullerton CA! Check out their facebook page. Im in their front page photo! Oh yeahhh

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Slastena said...

What an abundance of everything- colors, tastes, personas- must be a fun place to visit.