Thursday, April 12, 2012

I got the pear shape blues

And there aint nothin that will do.

I've got the pear shape blues get me outta here! 

My bottom half has got to go!

Ive got the pear shape blues and Im feeling pretty...bottom heavy.

Thank god I aint gotta return anything cause I didnt buy any of you. 

But seriously, I hate shopping because everything looks cute on the hanger and not on me. I don't want to tell you how many hrs I have wasted looking for clothes for my body type
5'7" tall
38" chest
Jeans are a nightmare because my waist 14" smaller than my hips and my chest is small but my arms are muscular. Im wishing these tops looked good on me because I really wanted to take one home that day. But alas I come home and look at the photos of how I really look in them and its not what I had envisioned. 
Im about to give up clothes all together and move to a nudist colony if this problem does not get resolved :) Do you know of a good one that has a room for rent? 
Till then I might also look into purchasing a Mumu. 

1 comment:

peartrees said...

first of all, what the heck? second of all, no way! you have a GREAT body and i would kill for a pair of hips and a freakin waist! last time i had to get fitted for a bridesmaids dress the lady made some kinda comment about my waist being >/= my hips. blah... so please recognize your beauty!!! i like #2 and 3, and #1 just needs a cami underneath! i hate that we (as women) feel bad for having a "woman's body." even though i'm always complaining about my own and yes, there are areas i want to improve (myyy jeans problem is that they roll off my "center weight" ...where my waist SHOULD be... and end up sagging too low because i have no hips to keep them up). so while there are definitely certain clothes that suit particular body types, i feel like we should at least encourage each other as women to looove our bodies! so no more of this nonsense! let's go shopping! :)