Friday, December 2, 2011

Congregation Ale House, Long Beach

A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I ventured to his old stomping grounds A.K.A. Long Beach to meet up with his scholarly friends. Whenever we go to Long Beach its a big deal and its not like it's far, it's just a different place than Orange County. Long Beach is a rougher grittier area of Southern California.

 I have only been to Long Beach a hand full of times and it has always been very much a city lifestyle, fast paced, utilitarian , hipstered out, thugged get it. This is only my personal opinion based on my own experiences, but I still love it because of the diverseness and the people that I personally know that live there are awesome! And did I mention that Patchwork is held there bi-annually? 

This most recent stint in Long Beach consisted of a night at the Congregation Ale House. I had never been, but everyone else is from the groups is familiar with the place. I loved the Gothic interior design details and decor, the theme, and the beer selection at the Congregation Ale House. I decided to be crazy camera lady and shoot up the place: no persons were harmed in doing so because the flash was off (haha). 


 Huge iron chandeliers were the main light source with at least 5 within the space.

 The bar featured a Lancet Arch stained glass window with the Congregation Ale House's Logo. It looks cool with the silhouette of the taps in front of it. 

 Distressed wood bar tables.

 Gargoyles were seen throughout the space, as well as chalk boards with Olde English script. 

 This was my favorite gargoyle it made me think of St. Margaret who defeated the Dragon. All of you Olde English folks know what Im talking about. 

 More Gothic architectural details with an arched wall. 

 The Beautiful and smart  people of Long Beach! 

 Catching up over a Chimay triple white! 

 A view walking up from the street. 

 The promenade across the street.

 The Bank. 

 Freezing my ass off because I forgot a change of clothes. But I looked cute so who cares. 

That's what she said....

Look at all of the Greek revival architectural details on the side of the building. 

Go check out the Congregation Ale house might I suggest that you order a Chimay white. 

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