Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Trenta- The Big Obsession with Coffee

Hello everyone! I'm reporting live from a Starbucks in sunny Orange County, California. And no I'm not drinking a Trenta, however I do have some fun and interesting things to share about the new MEGA size from Starbucks.

The word Trenta refers to several meanings, places and things for example:

-Trenta, Italy, a comune in the Provence of Cosenza
-Trenta, Bovec, a settlement in the Slovenian Alps
-Trenta (valley), A valley in the Slovenian Alps
-Trenta, numerical, 30 in Italian-
-Trenta, size, 31 fluid oz @ Starbucks

More interesting facts about the Trenta size.

-Trenta's size is 7 oz more than the Venti and around 50 cents more.
-Trenta size is only for Iced Coffee and Iced Tea (we'll see how long that lasts).
-Trenta's fluid oz's are around the same as the average humans stomach.
-Trenta's calories start at zero but once you sweeten them beware of almost 300 calories.

Call up a friend and hop on your scooter an head down to your local Starbucks to see for yourself. Everyones doing it! Just dont forget your helmet.

Here is a side by side of the the new 31oz Trenta next to the 24oz Venti!
Seeing is believing?
Just make sure you have enough room in your stomach for this coffee baby.

And don't forget to listen to The Eddie Robet's Quintet album "Trenta" to get you in the mood for 31oz of pure iced coffee or tea bliss.

Information from this post was inspired by the following:
The Huffington post
and my own personal knowledge
-Maggy Slater

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