Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cold & Cool

Don't make fun of me because I'm a native New Yorker that lives in SoCal and is COLD!
I never would have thought to buy any real winter clothes this year, but on second thought maybe I should. Every weeks has been getter colder dryer and then wetter and then freezing.

COld & Cool

I need a new anorak jacket because my nice GAP one got stolen :( And my black boots are nowhere to be found. My rain boots are so cold from splashing in the rain so time to get "real" boot socks. Plaid was something I didn't seem to like until NOW so I'm on the lookout for the perfect scarf and button up and wrap. Leopard pointed toe flats will make me look and feel richer than I'am and a red Balenciaga inspired bag will be more cheerful than my usual black doctor bag.

Is there anything you have just started to become obsessed with that you may have been hesitant about before?

How do you keep warm all you east coasters?

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