Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Trina Turk & Jonathan Skow's 25th Wedding Anniversary

To me Trina is like the really cool Aunt I never had, she just has a life and style that I think is really passionate, creative and she seemed to work really hard to get everything she has. There aren't many celeb's/designer women that I look up to besides her and

Gwen Stefani. I understand that now they must be rich and have lots of help and all, but they weren't always privileged. It just shows that if you really want something you will find a way to get there in life.

I really enjoyed reading this post by Trina Turk and it was just really inspiring to see that she and her husband are real people and that she has seen so many cool places and grown into a famous designer alongside her husband.
Trina Turk is one of my fav designers and I loved reading her blog. She shared a few private photos in honor of her 25th wedding anniversary with husband Jonathan Skow. Together they make a great couple.


25 years ago today, Jonathan and I jumped into his silver Buick Skylark and drove from LA to Las Vegas. It was a blazing hot day there. We did a little thrift shopping, and then got married at the Justice of the Peace. The wedding cost $40. As far as we know, it's legal. In 1985, Las Vegas was still the "old" Vegas. There were no celebrity chefs or over the top new hotels. We celebrated that night with dinner at Ceasar's Palace.

Our lives have been busy since 1985. We've restored 4 houses, travelled the world for work and play, seen hundreds of films, shopped flea markets, modernism shows, vintage clothing expos, designer boutiques, auctions and estate sales, explored buildings on architectural tours, and started a clothing company that has evolved into a mini lifestyle brand. Jonathan switched careers from fashion styling to photography. Luckily, we've taken photos along the way:

First Date: Alki Beach, Seattle 1981

Love the fluffy hair! Jonathan had the foresight to take this photo with the self timer

Seattle 1983
Jonathan and me with "models" - photo shoot of my student fashion designs

Pinnacle Peak lodge, Outside of Phoenix 1988
Southwest Road Trip

First House in LA 1989

Death Valley, CA Early 1990s


Burlingame, CA 1995
One of our first BIG shipments of TT merchandise with niece Kalina and nephew Kima

Monterey Coast, CA 1996
Whale Watching

Palm Springs, CA 1999
New Year's Eve

Los Angeles, CA 2010
In our backyard.

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