Monday, October 18, 2010

Latest Obsessions

Call me crazy but Im obsessed with leggings and for the longest time I wouldn't wear them in fear that I had a body type that couldn't pull it off. See Im a pear shape and I have these rules in my head about what Im supposed to be wearing, screw them rules. My other obsession right now is anything grey be it striped, sweaters, tanks whatever. Im dressing kind of neutral lately and wearing alot of black which is not my usual style, but hey it works when you want to get ready fast. And I just cant get enough of the hoop earrings, they're easy to wear and all of a sudden make an outfit a bit edgier without even trying.
My other obsessions are of the foodie type. Once it started to rain here in SO-CAL I busted out the triple grande nonfat peppermint white mocha. It just sounded like the right kind of thing to make me feel warm inside. Next on my list is vitamin 5-6, which my drafting instructor told me to try. She told me it would help with my energy and anxiety since Im kinda overloaded right now. And lastly Im really into tomato bisque and grilled cheese! Usually I go to The Brownstone to get my fix, but they stop serving after 3pm so I had to go elsewhere. My replacement? The new stouffers 3 cheese and ham melt with tomato bisque, which I had tonight. I thought it was pretty good, my microwave just sucks so nothing ever comes out very hot.

So there are my new obsessions.
Is there anything that you're finding your liking that you didn't before?
Or is the colder weather making you crave different foods?

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