Thursday, August 26, 2010

Trina Turk Fall LOOK BOOKS

The countdown to fall starts now. Can you believe that the first day of fall (September 23rd) is less than a month away? How can I even be thinking of what to be wearing in cold weather when it is literally 100' degrees here in So Cal. I guess I'm almost ready for that change of pace as far as weather goes. I know that the next month will be going by super fast because I started school almost 2 weeks ago, and am now very tired and overloaded. I'm taking 4 classes 3 design one academic. So you might be thinking I like to make myself suffer, I prefer to think of it "as getting shit done". When it comes to school I have no more time to waste, I just need to keep focused and rested not to What is that saying? "And this too shall pass"? That is how I feel right now, especially about my space planning class.

Lets move onto a more fun topic like what will I wish to be wearing when heaven forbid it gets COLD and everyone freaks the hell out and wishes it was HOT again. My inspiration for fall clothing comes from the Trina Turk look books 1-3 shot by her husband, photographer Jonathan Skow. I think that I could work alot of the designs and styles that she produces.

Military accents, purple, green, &transitional

Quirky, playful, girly & focal

Outerwear, grey's, layering, leggings & boots

Fall 1

Fall 2

Fall 3

photos Trina Turk

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