Saturday, August 7, 2010


Hey everyone it's Maggy reporting to you live from a backyard in California under a towel attempting to type and sun bathe. I have been out and about lately so that means less blogging. But today I wanted to share with you some items that I think are perfect for the last month of summer before it becomes cold, dreary and everything that this summer has basically been already. I kid, this Summer was the first one that I didn't have to break out my a/c...amazing. And right now at 5pm in Southern California its a cool 75' in the sun...huh?

Fall clothing may be rolling out along with The September Issue...but for mow I'm still living in Summer-ville. Without much further ado I welcome my last few items of my
Summer Wish List.

Ramona Hoodie-Hollister
OK so I normally don't shop at Hollister because most of their clothes don't fit my non 12 year old body. However I do own a hoodie similar to the one below and it is so comfortable that I'm contemplating getting myself another one.

Grace Bay Paisley Smocked Dress-Tommy Bahama
I spotted this dress yesterday while browsing at Tommy Bahama in Corona Del Mar. I'm hoping it might go on sale soon. It looks really pretty in person and tube dresses are one of my favorite styles for summer. Easy on and off.

Teetoe Sandals -Simple
I was at Henry's market today shopping for groceries with my mom, while browsing womens health magazine I saw these sandals and thought to myself "me want". Eco-friendly sandals that are actually pretty cute? Something I didn't expect...made from recycled tires, hemp, cork and water based glue. Cool huh.

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