Friday, May 14, 2010

Z Girl Can Dream

Musing on Lilly items that I will most likely never own, but was inspired to write about.

Sea & Be Seen Printed Plastic Tote $ 98.00

Despite the cheesy clear bag-ness I want this bag. It reminds me of the days in Jr High when we were this-close to having mandatory clear backpacks. You see this would have been a horrible idea because in Jr High you don't want people to see feminine products or your love letters to Johnny.

Dahpne Dress Jacquard $248.00

This dress looks interesting and super fun to wear. I think the little jewels look like candy from easter time. I love wearing strapless dresses but hate having to adjust them through the day. This dress is perfect because it looks like a strapless dress and the beaded detailing is almost like a necklace built in.

Sea Spray Halter Top $78.00

Maho Skirted Bottom $88.00

Thank god for skirted swimsuits because I have an insecurity with wearing bathing suits. If I wanted to be practically naked I would go to the nude beach, thank you. Until I feel more confident about being on display at the beach I will stick with skirting my issues.

Gold Klimt Earrings $150.00

I cant help but wonder if these Klimt earrings were names after the late and great artist Gustav Glimt? I think they were because his artwork has lots of these little swirly bubble details. Either way I want them because Klimt is a badass.

Turquoise and gold, what a great combo. These two should just get married, they complement each other so well. Right? And there is that Klimt detailing going on, must have.

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