Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wedding Weekend

Last weekend I attended I attended a highly anticipated event, my co-workers wedding! All the girls I work with were getting so excited and asking each other "what are you wearing?" I had no clue to be honest, until 2 days before the wedding. Seems like most of the girls were going to wear black, which is not my style. I wear black to work almost everyday so I love to wear color when not on the clock.

I was on the hunt for a dress that wouldn't be like anyone Else's and that I could wear again to other events. I stopped by Jcrew and found nothing, everything is expensive and blah looking to me, no thanks. I knew exactly where I needed to go THE LIMITED! I love shopping there because I actually look goof in their clothes and feel comfortable in them too. So I went on in and started looking through the sale racks and that's where I found my dress for less than $30.00. It had everything I was looking for: colorful, comfortable, can be worn many different ways and wasn't low cut!

So here is a silly pic of me modeling the dress!
For some reason I close my eyes when I'm trying to pose for pics.
-Note to self stop making this face!

Here are some photos from the wedding and the fun we had at The Crosby in Downtown Santa Ana.
The next day my feet were killing me(I never wear heels), but beauty is pain...right?
Oh well I only go to about one wedding per year and its fun to dress up!

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