Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Bikini Contest in January

Call me crazy call me what you will I'm still having a Bikini contest in the middle of January! Yes you heard me right, and I want you to help judge the show.

In my next life I would like to own the Trina Turk Crazy Botanical bathing suit to the left. I'm not rich, just a student that has big dreams so I have found an alternative on the cheap, the Old Navy Paisley suit to the right. Now is it worth it to spend way less for a knock off instead of just saving up my small paycheck and cashing in for my Trina Dream suit? How About we go through the two lovely options and figure it out together?

Trina Turk

The woman who owns a Trina Turk bathing Suit is most likely:

A. Lounging in her Palm Springs Pool

B. Sun bathing in Miami

C. A celeb at a beach house party in Malibu

D. Paying for it with a credit card

Crazy Botanical Bandeau~ $93.00

84% Nylon / 16% Spandex Crazy Botanical Side Surf Hipster~ $85.00

84% Nylon / 16% Spandex

Old Navy

The woman who owns an Old Navy Bathing suit is most likely:

A. a college student

B. looking for something cute and cheap

C. in need of mix and match sizes

D. going to see someone at the beach in the same suit as he

Women's Bandeau Halter Top In Navy Paisley~ $16.50
82% nylon, 18% spandex, with polyester lining.
Machine wash. Women's Hipster Bottom In Navy Blue Paisley~ $16.50

80% nylon, 20% spandex, with polyester lining.
Machine wash.

Alright now that we have gone over prices and all of the other details which bathing suit could you see yourself wearing at the resort?

Trina Turk


Old Navy


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