Saturday, January 9, 2010

Beautiful Blogger

I proudly accept the Beautiful Blogger award from fellow blogger "Fabulous Florida Mommy". Upon acceptance I have to reveal 7 random things about myself.
1. I'm an insomniac thanks to my crazy work schedule!
2. I'm a wonderful public speaker but a horrible mathematician.
3. I remember saying I wanted a wedding necklace, not a ring.
4. I wear fun earrings pretty much everyday.
5. I get excited when people comment on my blog.
6. one of my quotes is " When your good at so many things its hard to focus on just one." regarding my career path.
7. Sometimes I just want to be alone.


dinagideon said...

I love your seven things, esp. your quote. I also love that you get excited about comments!!! Me, too! ;) (Well, the good, nice, thoughtful ones...not the "why are you here looking at my blog" ones...)

You're awesome!!! Congrats on the award!

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

It's great getting to know more about you Maggy! I love your seven random things. :) I also sometimes just want to be alone, even though it doesn't seem to happen very much anymore. Have a beautiful week! :)