Monday, December 28, 2009

Sunday lunch @ The Brownstone Cafe

This past Sunday my Mom and I partook in our ritualistic lunch at The Brownstone Cafe in Fullerton.
We love this place even though it is a bit pricey, slow and the only thing in my opinion worth getting is the tomato basil bisque.
The location is what you're paying for because it is always the same; calm, green, quiet and sunny(except for cloudy days).
Please pay a visit even if it is just for a cup of soup, I promise it will make your day!


Anonymous said...


Thank you for the beautiful photo posting and kind words!

We wish you and your family all the best during the holidays.

We look forward to continuin gto serve you and your guests in the New Year!

All the best,
Kim Rhynes
The Brownstone Cafe

Maggy said...

Thanks Kim & Brownstone for checking out my blog :)Im a Fullerton fanatic and your cafe is one of my fav. places to east.

Happy New Year!