Saturday, December 12, 2009

Gingerbread Houses Give Back!

Gingerbread Houses That Give Back

Hey everyone! I cant believe its the weekend already and what a wet and cold one it is in Socal. I wanted to share some photos from a recent event I went t this week with my Mom. On Monday we dressed in our semi-dressy holiday clothing and headed out in the rain to the East Lake Village Club House for a Gingerbread House Charity event. It was our first time at this fundraiser that has been going on for around 30 years or so. All we had to do was bring a toy per person to donate to toys for tots and we were then able to decorate a Gingerbread House for Special needs Children. There were even prizes for the top designed houses.
We were all given an hour to design our house and I thought it would be more than enough time to get everything done. I just started putting white frosting all over my house and it slowly became a hot beach house mess, all over my clothes, face and hands. I desperately tried to finish this house and make it have Adirondack chairs a surf board and a Xmas tree.

These are some photos of the many other Gingerbread houses that were Diva-lusciously decorated!
There were so many different styles I loved looking at them all. Made it finally feel like Xmas time being amongst all these candy coated homes. Mother and her friends from work had to cart all of the Gingerbread homes back to school to give to their students. I think there were at least 5 cars full. I got a photo with Stacie, the M.C. and judge of the contest that night. She was so funny and made my mom and I laugh out loud because of the raunchy jokes! Here Iam with my little house that I made :) There were even two marines there that participated through the whole event and brought so many toys back to donate to children.
We had a great time and need to be more prepared for next year when I make my next Gingerbread house! It was so cold that night that it actually snowed, JK I wish.
What feel good even have you taken part in this holiday season that made you happy?

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