Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Boden Dream Wardrobe

Thanks to fellow blogger Dina of My Superfluities for sharing your love of Boden with me and everyone else. I finally took a tour of their website with my sister and we found many items that we thought were "so us"!
I have never really bought any clothing online or from a catalog because I already have enough issues trying clothes on in the fitting room. Maybe I will get over my anti-online/catalog ordering bandwagon and just go for it and order all of the following.
Just kidding I cannot really afford to shop right now, not even for Christmas presents, which is sad to me. Until Iam done paying for my debts I will just dream of these lovely additions to my gem toned dream wardrobe.
~Brass Button Cardigan~

~ Rainbow Coat~

~ Calypso Top~

~Silk Roses Top~

~Marching Band Coat~


So there you have it, my dreamy winter wardrobe, gem tones and all :)


Beth said...

I love Boden too! These are all wonderful picks. I really like the marching band coat.
Good colors!
Have a great day... :)


dinagideon said...

Hi! I am glad you went ahead and crossed the pond (so to speak) to check out Boden...

I could see you in all of those pieces you picked. You and your sis would look so nice in Boden. I am not enabling...but still!!!

By the way--if you google Boden spring preview 2010, you should get a link to the site where they are storing the stuff they will have available in 4 weeks. Yes, I pre-ordered. And, no, I probably shouldn't have. :)

Maggy said...

Beth- I like the purple band coat alot too. I have a black pea coat and want something a bit more fun and unique.Purple seems like a great way to get that look. HAve a wonderful rest of your week.

Maggy said...

Dina-Thanks for the google search tip, Im gonna try it out right now. I always get excited to look at new clothes especially spring and summer styles.

And yes my sister would love this brand I just know it. Today she wore cherry red Jcrew cords, A striped sweater and some kind of flats. REminded me of Boden/Jcrew alot.

Alrighty TTYL