Sunday, October 18, 2009

Showing off, my artwork that is!

As an Interior Design student I always wanted good quality markers but could not invest in them because it would mean I wouldn't be able to buy all my supplies. So last Fall I took interior illustration for Interior Design Majors and finally invested some big bucks($100.00) into the PrismaColor marker set! After spending a few long nights finishing up my final project I thought I would never ever want to use those damn markers ever again! They were messy, wet and not anything close to the media I was used to working with.
So months went by and my expensive markers collected dust as I took boring classes that did not involve artistic creativity. For some reason I had this urge one day in the early spring to draw, probably just bored. Since that day I have a little collection of one of a kind marker artworks that I love making! I have made Cuban posters, Interior design projects, cards and fashion sketches. And what was once a media I did not appreciate, now has a special place in my design lovers world.
Now to the fun stuff, here is a collage of all my work
All pieces designed by Mslay
{Click picture to enlarge}

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Oh la la! Tres chic. Xoxo-BLC