Saturday, October 3, 2009

A place to call home in my head and heart, creative writing

I need a place to call home in my head my heart my should. I travel on a plane that never lands pondering where to go next with my life. Whats the next destination where to how long will it take who will I take? I need some time to think some time to breathe I want some people to drop some things other wise I might throw them off this plane once and or all. I like to be alone sometimes however I need the warmth the comfort and the knowing look. I want a love for all life love in all ways from the earth from the trees I want no strings attached to some things. I don't think that anything lasts forever it must die one day. Why do I keep thinking about death lately an say such morbid things? I don't know I guess its all around you everybody knows nobody wants to talk about it. Its kinda like anything and everything and everyone has something that makes them uncomfortable, right?

Forever and ever I want to live on an Island just you and me and none of these stupid rules of where we have to be what we have to wear...none of it. We can have the life we want whatever we want we can make it happen. This is what we are being taught in class today, now its our decision that makes our destiny. What do I want? I want to know what the future holds I want to be in love forever I want to find a place I call home for a while with you. I want to be done with this crazy ass schedule that keeps me away from the ones I love to be in the presence of. I want to stop worrying about everything and anything that crosses my mind.

I just want to live in a Bossa Nova filled world seriously if I die all I want heaven to be is me floating in a world of Bossa Nova and no worries. Thats it Bossa Nova is like being closer to god, greatness everything about it is wonderful other wordly. I know some of you think Im crazy but I cannot sleep and have alot on my mind and this Bossa Nova is really making me excited to be alive and able to hear and see and know.

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